Daylio is the name of my mood app.

It’s an eye opening tool for me.

I can track different moods that I have throughout the day.

I can apply whatever “activity” or symptoms within those different moods.

Everything is super customizable.

But I did pay the $24 for a year’s subscription.

And no, I’m not sponsored by them or anything, haha!!

It’s something that’s really helping me.

I decided to write about it because it’s the best thing I’ve been able to actually accomplish for myself in regards to self care and awareness.

Today was my 92nd entry.

My 92nd day in a row of tracking my moods.

I was keeping track in my phone calendar before finding this tool.

So, it took me a few weeks to enter the information in and start to understand what the data is showing me.

And then a few more weeks to collect even more data.

There are colors associated with the moods.

Red for depressed or angry.

Bright green for great and rad.

Yellow for meh.

And a couple more colors in between.

It can show what mood is associated with what activities throughout the weeks and months.

For example, when I’m feeling great, I tend to really get into self care.

When I’m feeling depressed, I tend to be frustrated and unmotivated.

Both examples are pretty aligned with everyone ever.

Makes sense.

Well, there are surprises as well.

I didn’t realize that when my hands get achy, it’s 99% of the time going to be a mood I deem as awful.

Totally logical, but I swear it happened at any time.

I also didn’t realize my mood is not associated in any way with my psychosis.

I know I’ve brought that one up before.

But it blows my mind.

I have created and edited several symptoms around my psychosis to try to better understand myself.

I created a button for visual, voices, paranoid, radio and also psychosis.

The only time I pick the psychosis button is when I have both visual and voices within the same time frame.

Which isn’t every time.

A lot of days I’ll have one or the other.

Or be paranoid and hear the radio.

Without any visual or voices.

I didn’t know any of that was a thing.

The month I was on really high doses of Seroquel, my mood was shit.

I didn’t have a single good mood for over 35 days. 

The best I did was meh.

And I thought I was doing good at that time.

The graphs that the app can create show a distinct change in my mood the days after getting onto Invega.

My mood shoots up and what was a red, low, poor mood, switched into a solid good, green mood pattern.

Just. Wild.

And then I can plot any activity symptom on top of that mood graph.

This is how I realized that my mood has nothing to do with my psychosis symptoms.

My psychosis symptoms surface regardless of my mood.

One is not tied to the other.

No matter what way it’s looked at.

The more time that goes by, the more apparent that is.

I know this app is helping me open myself up to reality.

It’s helping me see what so many professionals have said to me over the years.

I never understood.

Not even close.

Here are some examples of the data that the app can show.

This just shows the ups and downs of my mood throughout the last three months.
The numbers at the bottom are how many times the associated mood was documented.
Each dot stands for each time I have visual and voice hallucinations.
According to the numbers at the bottom, within a three month period, it happened 20 times.
But only four times since starting Invega.
Only visual hallucinations, and the corresponding times each time it occurred and with what mood.
Same as above, but with the voices that surface.
I didn’t even think about some positive activities until my mind started clearing up. That’s why I don’t have as much data for this one.

It’s just nuts, really.

It’s hard to not see how much the new medication and my hard work is finally actually paying off. They may not all be rad days, but they’re actually and absolutely getting better.

I am very excited and floored from my findings so far.

It’ll be so interesting to see what else I uncover in a few months from now even.

I’m glad I have been willing and able to put in the efforts this year.

I’m glad I have a group of mental health professionals on my side.

I’m grateful for being able to have my eyes opened today.

– Keren

5 responses to “Daylio”

  1. Really interesting app, I hadn’t heard of it before. I think tracking your mood can be super beneficial especially if you suffer from mental health issues. I have depression and anxiety so I think I’ll give this a try and see what it shows. I’m very curious about what my results for the month will be.

    Liked by 1 person

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