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  • Medications: Part Four

    Medications: Part Four

    Honestly, I have always been awful about taking my meds. Any of them. All of them. I’ve gone days or even weeks without taking them. Then I would start taking them again suddenly and get that roller coaster effect. I would take them for two, maybe three weeks. Then stop again. They didn’t do anything…

  • My Exhaustion

    My Exhaustion

    There are nights where I get plenty of solid sleep and still wake up exhausted. I know that part of this is my depression. But another part of my sleepiness is now from being overwhelmed with the difference of my behavior and emotions. My ability to draw a boundary and keep the people pleasing guilt…

  • Daylio


    Daylio is the name of my mood app. It’s an eye opening tool for me. I can track different moods that I have throughout the day. I can apply whatever “activity” or symptoms within those different moods. Everything is super customizable. But I did pay the $24 for a year’s subscription. And no, I’m not…

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