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  • Self Care

    Self Care

    I’m still struggling with the emptiness. It’s so abundant. My symptoms of hallucinations and delusions have been very quiet the past several days. It’s odd because it’s not that I miss them when they’re gone. It’s just that, from everywhere, comes such a deafening silence. A sort of calm just before the storm rolls in.…

  • Transition of Thought

    Transition of Thought

    My psychosis episodes warp everything. They pop up out of nowhere and run my entire life until they wear out. Then it can get quiet for a few days. Then it ramps right back up into me. I have been noticing my concept of time lately. Everyday my ability to track time rises and fades.…

  • Daylio


    Daylio is the name of my mood app. It’s an eye opening tool for me. I can track different moods that I have throughout the day. I can apply whatever “activity” or symptoms within those different moods. Everything is super customizable. But I did pay the $24 for a year’s subscription. And no, I’m not…

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