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  • Navigating My Healthcare

    Navigating My Healthcare

    I feel like I’ve been busy this week. But really I’ve been preoccupied. I had an arthritis medication that the doctor’s office just simply wasn’t doing anything about.  I called each day this week. Because I had put in my request last week. And nothing was  at the pharmacy. Still. I talked to the same…

  • Disconnections


    I realized I had a tooth ache on Sunday. I say that because I knew something was off. I knew my cheek had been sore. The past week or two. I’ve noticed some chewing issues. But it didn’t click. It didn’t register that my teeth were the issue. After my last injection last Friday. Like,…

  • Enhancing My Misery

    Enhancing My Misery

    Through the struggle of keeping my darkness at bay. My body is rebelling. Friday the tenth was my fifth and final bilateral knee injection of the series of five that I had to get. Every Friday. For the past five weeks. I’ve had to get injections in both knees. It’s a “gel-like” medication that is…

  • Word Usage

    Word Usage

    The overuse of certain mental illness words or symptoms is out of control. I’m sure it used to be much, much worse than it is now. But the stigma is still here. “Oh, they’re acting so manic.” “Oh, she’s crazy.” “Oh, he’s been so insane today.” I’ve been a culprit of using some poor choice…

  • Stupid Arthritis

    Stupid Arthritis

    I’ve been in a foul mood all week. I don’t talk much about my physical issues on here. But I decided it’s time to do so. My physical pain makes my mind bounce off the walls. It helps my darkness surface. Because I really hurt. Physically, I’m miserable a lot of the time. And it’s…

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