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  • Medications: Part Six

    Medications: Part Six

    I was just sitting here thinking and realized that my having a better mood is directly coinciding with the rate at which my immunosuppressants for my arthritis have been working. It’s been about eight weeks of the weekly methotrexate and twice daily hydroxychloroquine. And the last two weeks or so I’ve been feeling good. Honestly,…

  • Avolition and Pain Levels

    Avolition and Pain Levels

    I’ve been begging myself to have motivation this month. This week has been more terrible than the week before in that regard. I haven’t done much the past two weeks. Rather, I couldn’t do much. I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with avolition. I’ve just been so out of it. And I’m not just talking about…

  • Inflammation


    It’s always there. Inflammation is. I feel puffy. Everywhere. And do almost all the time. It’s gotten better since I cut out dairy products. But good lort. It can calm down anytime now. But I know it won’t without medication. I started another steroid burst this week. For the millionth time. They amp me up.…

  • Enhancing My Misery

    Enhancing My Misery

    Through the struggle of keeping my darkness at bay. My body is rebelling. Friday the tenth was my fifth and final bilateral knee injection of the series of five that I had to get. Every Friday. For the past five weeks. I’ve had to get injections in both knees. It’s a “gel-like” medication that is…

  • My Needs and Boundaries

    My Needs and Boundaries

    I have been trying very hard lately to set boundaries. It’s tough. Some times are better than others. Especially in regards to follow through. I can set as many as I want. But the follow through is incredibly difficult. I tend to sort-of let people know what I need. Basically, I say okay a lot.…

  • Stupid Arthritis

    Stupid Arthritis

    I’ve been in a foul mood all week. I don’t talk much about my physical issues on here. But I decided it’s time to do so. My physical pain makes my mind bounce off the walls. It helps my darkness surface. Because I really hurt. Physically, I’m miserable a lot of the time. And it’s…

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