Medications: Part Five and a Half

This isn’t a full entry.

More like a quick update.

I got a call from my pharmacy today.

Just as I got home from therapy.

Regarding another prescription.

One for all of the breakthrough symptoms I have.

Especially toward the end of my injection cycle.

My NP decided to have me take a one mg daily dose of Risperidone.

I know I said that he might do that.

With either that or Halidol.

In my last entry.

Well, now he did.

I just picked it up and took the first dose.

I’m hopeful.

Hopeful that I could have no symptoms for a longer time frame.

Hopeful for sanity. 

And reality.

It would be nice to believe everything I hear.

Outside of my mind.

It would be nice to trust myself again.

To be able to live my life again.

And not be so frightened of strangers.

And strange places. 

And unknown situations.

I’m glad for my care team.

As frustrated as I get with some of them.

They really do want to see me succeed.

And I’m grateful for that too.

I have a good feeling about this addition.

If anything, I know it will do more good than harm.

Which isn’t always the case.

I’m going to be tired for the next week or so.

But I’m hopeful for a positive outcome.

– Keren


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