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  • Avolition and Pain Levels

    Avolition and Pain Levels

    I’ve been begging myself to have motivation this month. This week has been more terrible than the week before in that regard. I haven’t done much the past two weeks. Rather, I couldn’t do much. I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with avolition. I’ve just been so out of it. And I’m not just talking about…

  • The Physical Effects of Antipsychotics

    The Physical Effects of Antipsychotics

    Antipsychotics make me feel like a different person. In the best way possible. Bet you weren’t expecting that one! Or maybe you were. I have never had good side effects from a medication. They always cause me intense weight gain. Fogginess. That gray feeling. Until Invega Sustenna. I have had no weight gain. My blood…

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