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  • Empty


    I’ve been feeling very empty lately. Like, unable to see or feel much joy. I’ve been watching shows like Reno911! and News Radio to keep it light and non thinky. Everything’s been too much. And that’s frustrating because everything is too much nowadays. Literally every day I tell myself I’m going to walk more, eat…

  • I Have to Balance

    I Have to Balance

    I was wondering about my symptoms that broke through last week. Once they started to quiet a little, I could think again. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since it happened actually. And I’m pretty sure that the recent bout of breakthrough symptoms was from attempting to socialize last week. And not just that,…

  • Friends: Part Two

    Friends: Part Two

    I used to get so frustrated with some of my friends. I mean, almost enraged at times. And I was never afraid to show it. With actions or words. Or tone of voice. I never said I wasn’t toxic before antipsychotics. There would be certain people. Usually friends of friends. Acquaintances. That would irk me…

  • Friends


    I have no desire to have friends right now. I can’t tell if I’m telling myself that because I don’t have many at all, or because it’s a real thing. But I really don’t have the capability to be a good friend right now. I have way too much happening in my head to worry…

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