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  • Eye Shimmy (Voluntary Nystagmus) and Other Signs

    Eye Shimmy (Voluntary Nystagmus) and Other Signs

    I know my world is much different from what typical people have. Especially when a psychotic episode is around the corner. I’m finally noticing little signs. Signs that I need to keep an eye on. My hallucinations flare up. Every time I get even slightly stressed out. I’m learning that I have a very low…

  • Blank


    I’ve known for quite a long time that something was off with me. That I don’t think. Or act like a typical person. My explosive emotions repel most people. They repel me most times. It’s overwhelming to have big feelings all the time. So when the silence. And nothingness of dissociation takes hold. It throws…

  • 2020


    I’ve been pretty reflective the past couple days. I’m glad to be able to be today. It’s not always an option for me. I was thinking about my divorce. It was finalized three years ago last month. I was thinking about how my mental illnesses showed up outside of myself much more often after it.…

  • The Water Park Bridge

    The Water Park Bridge

    Before my diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, I had bipolar 1. It was always “severe”. And the mental health care folks that I was working with, knew something else was going on. They just weren’t sure of what. A few years ago I was working with a therapist that was wondering if I am dealing with…

  • Dissociation and Memories

    Dissociation and Memories

    I have an extremely difficult time remembering anything. Not just a few things in my life. Not just a couple of years. Most of them. I don’t remember much before the age of 12. Since then, there are really big pockets of blankness. Bits and pieces of memory here and there. If I’m lucky. Most…

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