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  • My Relationship With Food

    My Relationship With Food

    I’ve always used food to cover up my feelings. As a coping mechanism. A way to forget what I was so miserable about. I used to tell myself that I don’t use it that way. That food wasn’t an escape. But I was lying to myself. Or unable to see the truth. Or both. As…

  • Negativity


    It may seem as though I’m extremely negative while reading through my writings. That’s because I am. I’ll own it. I’ve grown into the negativity over the years. It’s been doomy in my head for decades now. In my experience, dealing with mental illness will do that. It’s almost impossible, for me, to even see…

  • Mascara


    I put on mascara the other day. For the first time in months. I didn’t even go anywhere. I haven’t been looking that great lately. Physically. Not saying I look terrible. Just saying that I have been putting in zero effort towards my appearance. It takes a lot of energy to work on my mental…

  • Emotional Eating

    Emotional Eating

    I always denied being an emotional eater. But I eat all the time. I’m usually not even hungry when I do. I’m also sad all the time. And angry. And anxious. So it can all blend together. But honestly, I didn’t think any of it really overlapped. Or really tied into one another. But they…

  • Some Things Are Clicking

    Some Things Are Clicking

    I was watching Modern Family today and heard a line that really struck me. A coworker of one of the main characters said “I eat garbage because I am garbage”. And that is exactly why I struggle with my weight. When I think about it. That’s why I never connected the two. The line stings.…

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