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  • Navigating My Mental Healthcare: Part Two

    Navigating My Mental Healthcare: Part Two

    I can’t even tell you how many therapists and psychiatrists I’ve seen over the years. Dozens. Easily. I currently deal with a doctor that doesn’t really believe me. He gives me the right medications. But when we talk he is judgmental. He holds what others have done, against me. When I was asking if I…

  • Disconnections


    I realized I had a tooth ache on Sunday. I say that because I knew something was off. I knew my cheek had been sore. The past week or two. I’ve noticed some chewing issues. But it didn’t click. It didn’t register that my teeth were the issue. After my last injection last Friday. Like,…

  • The Neighbor Hallucination

    The Neighbor Hallucination

    It’s an on going thing for me. Hallucinations are. I hear the neighbors talk about me. Every fucking day. Sometimes I can ignore it. But it’s incessant. It’s been happening for many years now. The last few years they have been narrating what I do every single day. It’s every single time I go outside.…

  • My Annoying Charm

    My Annoying Charm

    I have this charm I put on people. I’m annoying. I’m super annoying. I don’t know how it keeps happening. Or what I’m doing to pull so much frustration out of people. But I feel like everyone is annoyed with me. Pretty much all the time. Maybe it’s the stress I’ve been under the past…

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