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  • DBT and BPD

    DBT and BPD

    I’ve been working on a DBT workbook that I ordered. DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It’s for people who basically, can’t control their emotions. Find out more about DBT here.  I started thinking about DBT again because I am still having pretty intense breakthrough symptoms at times. Internally, mostly. With my thoughts processes. My…

  • Splitting


    I can easily split into a completely different version of myself. Splitting turns me into a person that has an impossible time separating my behaviors from my personality. It’s like my emotions completely take over my mind and body and I lose control of my actions. It feels like someone else is behind the wheel. …

  • Medications: Part One

    Medications: Part One

    My Seroquel dose was upped again this week. I’m writing this entry through very heavy eyelids. A big downfall for me has always been how exhausted my psych meds can make me. I have taken Synthroid every day since birth, but, psych meds are on a totally different level for me.  They work much deeper…

  • The Start

    The Start

    When I’m in a high stress situation, I shut down or switch over or snap or split. These actions are attempts at self preservation – and also surface from subconscious neurological misfirings. It’s fear of abandonment.  It’s fear of rejection.  It’s self sabotage.  It’s self loathing.  It’s pushing someone I love away because it’s easier…

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